Down Mexco Way

It is always difficult to emphasis how good some of our products actually are without it sounding like a pre-rehearsed sales pitch, so it is always refreshing when something like this comes along completely out of the blue – Really grateful to Roger and the team at Professional Builder!

Independent Product Test

roger-bisbyProfessional Builder’s Roger Bisby finds a hidden diamond.
Products come to Professional Builder through a variety of channels. Manufacturers often employ PR agencies to sing the praises of their products and our job is to find out if they are telling the truth. This Mexco diamond blade came to me through the recommendation of my local merchant, who regularly gives me stick about all manner of things.

The conversation went like this; “Here Bis why haven’t you done anything on Mexco Diamonds? We sell hundreds of these blades and the builders keep coming back for more – we never have any complaints”.

The price was so cheap that I had my doubts. I have spent the last 20 years listening to manufacturers who tell me that if you want a quality blade you have to pay a lot of money. “How can it be any good at that price?” I asked. “Alright, pay us twice the price if it makes you feel better,” replied the merchant. I won’t tell you what I paid because different merchants do different deals, and I don’t want complaints from people who find they can’t get it for the price I paid, but it was ridiculously cheap. Even as I walked away with my bargain blade I had my doubts, but if their customers come back time and time again surely that is enough? Still I had to test it and I couldn’t wait for a real job. I gathered together a collection of tiles, bricks and blocks and started cutting.

Multi-purpose blade

The blade I tried was a multi-purpose blade for a 9inch angle grinder. If you want the very best in terms of price per cut you should go for a blade dedicated to the material you are cutting, but most general builders will use whatever blade they have on the machine. If it does the job and wears out a bit quicker than it should that is just tough luck. If the blade is cutting hard non-abrasive material it might glaze over. All you need to do is run it through a soft brick or block to wear away the bonding material to expose some fresh diamond. It is a standard procedure, but you may be surprised by how many people don’t know it. It is page one of the instructions.

I was very impressed by this Mexco blade but what also surprised me is just how many blades, core bits and tile hole cutters they have in their range. They need to tell the world because they are too good to be kept a secret. My merchant may curse the day he told me about Mexco if the bloke down the road also starts selling them.

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Mexco Team