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Dry Core Drilling

Over the years diamond core drills have become a necessity to just about every trade linked to the construction industry. Dry use core drills are primarily designed for drilling into general house building materials such as soft facing stone, sandstone, brick and block.

Dry core drills are designed to be used with hammer or percussion actions turned off and only rotary action applied. The minimum power requirement for dry core drilling should be 850w and for your safety we highly recommend the use of a machine with a slipping clutch. For horizontal drilling a minimal amount of pressure should be applied thus allowing the segments to mill away at the material. For vertical drilling the weight of the machine should suffice.

Top Tip: Dry core drills mill away at the material they don’t drill!
As a basic rule of thumb the larger the diameter of the core drill the slower the rotational speed.

Step By Step

Dry Core Drill Step 1
Step 1

Insert either a Hex or SDS adaptor into the drill chuck to convert it into a ½” BSP Male fitment

Dry Core Drill Step 2
Step 2

Insert the pilot drill into the adaptor

Dry Core Drill Step 3
Step 3

Place the core drill over the pilot drill and screw onto the adaptor

Dry Core Drill Step 4
Step 4

Align the pilot drill with a predetermined mark and begin drilling

Dry Core Drill Step 5
Step 5

Once the segments have grooved to a depth of 10mm, remove the core drill from the cut

Dry Core Drill Step 6
Step 6

Insert the drift key into the adaptor. Then remove the pilot drill. Finally remove the drift key

Dry Core Drill Step 9
Step 7

Recommence drilling into the existing groove. Drill until you reach the maximum core drill depth

Dry Core Drill Step 10
Step 8

Remove the drill from the cut, then empty the core and debris from inside the core drill barrel

The following steps only apply if an extension bar is required

Please note: This does not apply to 400mm length core drills

Dry Core Drill Step 11
Step 9

Unscrew the core drill from the adaptor, then remove the adaptor from the drill chuck

Dry Core Drill Step 13
Step 10

Insert the extension bar into the drill chuck and tighten with chuck key

Dry Core Drill Step 14
Step 11

Re-attach the core drill to the extension bar

Dry Core Drill Step 15
Step 12

Once you have completed this setup, continue to drill into the existing hole

Step by Step Explainer Video!

Step by Step Explainer Video!

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