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Mexco Grading System

At Mexco we understand that selecting the right diamond tool for the job can save you both time on the job and ultimately money. Our grading system and our application charts have been specifically designed to make this process simple. Using our application charts or product filters, determine what range of material applications best suits your cutting or drilling requirements to ensure you have the right diamond tool on your machine.

Select the grade of diamond tool you prefer, generally this is based on the amount of work you intend to perform in any application. The better the grade the longer the lifespan and speed of cut, providing an improved cost per cut ratio. At Mexco we use three grade classifications.

Grade Classifications


X10 Grade
Excellent Value

The X10 range of products has been specifically designed to offer the user excellent performance in a wide spectrum of diamond cutting and drilling applications whilst providing the benefit of a low purchase cost.


X90 Grade
Low Wear Rate

The X90 range of products allow a broad range of diamond cutting applications and will provide fast cutting characteristics combined with low wear rates and an excellent lifetime.


XCEL Grade
Optimum Cost Per Cut

The XCEL range of products are simply the best in class, due to an uncompromised use of raw materials in their manufacture, they offer the user a diamond cutting or drilling experience that is faster and cleaner resulting in an optimum cost per cut.

Grading System Explainer Video!

Grading System Explainer Video!

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