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Ceramic Materials

Ceramic Materials

The CMX – tile cutting diamond blade has been developed with a continuous rim segment to cut ceramic tiles quickly and cleanly. The performance of this product can be attributed to its high diamond concentration allowing a large amount of diamond grit to be exposed at all times producing a fast accurate clean cut.

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Available Options

Part No. Diameter (mm) Segment Width (mm) Bore Size (mm)
CMX9010516 105 1.9 16.00
CMX9011522 115 1.8 22.23
CMX9012522 125 2.0 22.23
CMX9018022 180 2.0 22.23
CMX9018025 180 2.0 25.40
CMX9020022 200 2.0 22.23
CMX9020025 200 2.0 25.40
CMX9023022 230 2.0 22.23
CMX9030025 300 3.0 25.40
CMX9035025 350 3.0 25.40

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A diamond blade specifically designed and manufactured for cutting ceramics. When taking on a job such as tiling, whether on the walls or floors, it’s the finish that really matters. A general purpose blade will chip, not cut neatly or accurately and will not last very long. Mexco’s diamond blade for ceramic cutting has been designed to give an excellent cut, have a low wear rate, but still be great value for money.

Refer to applications for a comprehensive list of materials suitable for this diamond blade.

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Gullet Type

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Undercutting Protection



  • Marble Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Recommended to cut these materials
  • Will cut these materials but may result in reduced lifetime or glazing