Dust Management Core Drill Kit

Dust Management Core Drill Kit

Dry Core Drill 90

The 9 piece DCX90 dust management core drill kit provides the user with a diamond core drilling system capable of drilling in masonry up to 3 times faster than an equivalent slotted core drill. Included within the kit is a heavy duty dust swivel unit and rubber vacuum adaptor for connecting the unit to a suitable dust extraction device.

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The DCX90 range of dry core drills are ideal for the plumber, builder and general tradesman providing a compact and versatile kit for drilling holes in masonry from 38mm – 117mm.
Solid barrel dry core drills should only be used with an adequate dust extraction system; core drills used in this way can drill in excess of 300% faster than their slotted equivalents.
Mexco dry core drills should be used in conjunction with a minimum 850W+ drill motor fitted with a slipping clutch.

Refer to applications for a comprehensive list of materials suitable for these core drills.

Kit Contents
  • 38mm Solid Dry Core Drill
  • 52mm Solid Dry Core Drill
  • 117mm Solid Dry Core Drill
  • Dust Swivel Unit
  • 150mm Extension Bar
  • 80mm SDS Adaptor
  • 80mm Hex Adaptor
  • 175mm A-Taper Pilot Drill
  • Drift Key


Additional information

Dry / Wet


Segment Attachment

Segment Height

Segment Type

Barrel Type


  • Soft / Medium Facing Brick
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Hard Sandstone
  • Coarse Sandstone
  • Soft Slate
  • Breeze Block
  • Lignacite Blocks
  • Recommended to cut these materials
  • Will cut these materials but may result in reduced lifetime or glazing