Metal Cut

Metal Cut
Diamond Blade

Metal Cut

The MEXCEL vacuum brazed metal cutting blade provides superior cutting precision. The perforated steel core design reduces heat build-up and ensures quick cooling – perfect for intensive use.

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Available Options

Part No. Diameter (mm) Segment Width (mm) Bore Size (mm)
MEXCEL11522 115 1.5 22.23
MEXCEL12522 125 1.5 22.23
MEXCEL23022 230 1.8 22.23
MEXCEL30020 300 3.1 20.00
MEXCEL35025 350 3.1 25.40

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The MEXCEL metal cutting diamond blade offers an alternative to carborundum abrasive wheels and in addition provides extra benefits; MEXCEL diamond blades last over 40 times longer than a normal abrasive wheel, less down time changing abrasive wheels and a constant cutting depth.

Refer to applications for a comprehensive list of materials suitable for this diamond blade.

Benefit over Conventional Abrasive Wheels
  • Cost Efficiency: Long tool life and less down time
  • Environmental and Operator Friendly: Reduced sparks and odour
  • Safety: Wheel breakage eliminated
  • Wheel Wear: No reduction in tool size or shape
  • Application: Versitility

Additional information

Dry / Wet


Segment Attachment

Segment Type



  • High and Low Carbon Steel
  • Hard Facing Alloys
  • Ductile Iron
  • Cast Iron
  • Steel Section Bar and Tube
  • Weld Removal
  • Recommended to cut these materials
  • Will cut these materials but may result in reduced lifetime or glazing

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Get the Right Tools at the Right Price!

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