Tile Drills

Effortlessly drill into Porcelain and Ceramics; Mexco offer a comprehensive range of professional Diamond Tile Drill Bits!

An Exciting New Era!

mexco-tile-drill-rangeWelcome to an exciting new era in tile drilling; introducing the Mexco Tile Drill Range. A vacuum brazed diamond tip provides for fast drilling, ease of use, reduced mess, increased lifetime and a professional finish, a saving of both time and money. The advancement for a more effective drilling tool has been driven by the introduction of super hard decorative wall and floor tiles. With these challenging hard materials in mind Mexco have produced some of the most effective tile drilling tools on the market. No more cracked or broken tiles from using outdated technology, these bits offer fast precise drilling in porcelain, marble, granite, ceramics and other ultra hard materials.

Mexco Tile Drills are split into 3 distinct groups with a full range of diameters available to combat the most common drilling and fitting jobs.

The first group are wax filled tile drill bits with a hex fitment that’s suitable for drills, they are available in diameters from 5.5 to 12mm, perfect sizes for wall plugs. These are self cooling and are designed to be used on high speed drills. These drill bits offer a hex fitment which guarantees stability in the chuck when drilling. A wax filled barrel for self cooling and lubrication so no water is required, and a vacuum brazed diamond tip for a professional finish when drilling each hole.

For best results use our hex fit tile drills on a high speed mains drill, preferably faster than 1800rpm, also make sure any hammer or precision action is turned off.

Next up are wax filled tile drill bits with an M14 universal fitment suitable for angle grinders. These are available in a range of diameters from 6 to 14mm, perfect sizes for wall plugs. Although these are designed to be used on angle grinders they can be used on a high speed drill when coupled with the Mexco M14 to Hex adaptor.

And finally slotted barrel tile drill bits, which come in a range of diameters from 18 to 110mm, perfect sizes for water pipes, waste pipes, soil pipes and bathroom fittings. These are also designed to be used on angle grinders with the M14 universal fitment and can be used on a high speed drill with the mexco M14 to Hex adaptor.

TTop Tip
Here’s a top tip… These drill bits mill they do not drill so applying excessive pressure will not make the bit work faster.

Mexco tile drill bits will help you work faster, more efficiently and within budget. Used correctly each bit can drill up to 50 holes in hard porcelain and drill many more in almost any other type of tile including: Marble – Granite – Slate – Ceramic – Quarry – Terracotta and Limestone tiles. Perfect for bathroom installers, kitchen fitters, plumbers, electricians, tilers and general builders.

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Mexco Team