It’s All About Speed
The Faster The Better!

The TDXCEL range of diamond tile drill bits prefer to be spun fast, the faster the better!

The reason for drilling fast:
The quicker the drill bit spins the quicker it drills through ceramic and porcelain, this means the drill bit spends less time in the cut and in turn reduces heat build up.

A slow spinning diamond drill bit will take longer to drill through the material. A common misconception is to apply increased pressure on the drill to get quicker results. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Increasing the pressure will reduce the milling speed, thus increasing heat build-up and reducing lifetime.

Heat build-up can be detrimental to the performance of the diamond grit which may result in premature blunting or failure. The diamond grit is electroplated to the barrel, meaning that the diamond is attached to the barrel without a bond around the grit to control the wear rate. This means the diamond is constantly in contact with the material giving a fast and precise cut. It is the diamonds on the tip of the barrel that drill the hole, the diamond grit on the side of the barrel is in place to create a clearance for the body of the drill bit to pass through the material being drilled.

A diamond drill bit will stop milling once the diamond grit on the tip of the bit has worn smooth (the tip will feel smooth). The drill bit will still have grit on the sides, this is normal.

Mexco Diamond Tile Drill Range

For maximum lifetime of the TDXCEL diamond tile drill range we recommend using either a mains High-Speed Drill or an Angle Grinder (cordless grinders are fine). If a drill bit is used with a Cordless Drill it will reduce lifetime and performance.